Church Membership Types

New members are integral to Metropolitan's continual growth and development. Each new member brings potential and ultimately allows the church the opportunity to provide spiritual renewal and to increase its effectiveness in outreach services to the community.

There are several ways to become a member of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church:

Women's Retreat 2009Conversion Membership - confessing Christ as your personal Savior.

Full Membership - coming from another denomination to unite with this church.

Transfer Membership - transferring membership from another Methodist tradition.

Affiliate Membership - having membership in any Methodist tradition but desiring a local church affiliation under Watch Care, while maintaining membership in a home church.

Associate Membership - being a member of another denomination but desiring a local church affiliation.

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Washington, District of Columbia (DC) is an international city, and persons from across the globe - nationally and internationally - may reside in this area for brief periods of time. At Metropolitan, persons are afforded the opportunity to have a relationship with a local church while residing in the Washington, DC area.