Married Couples Ministry

The Married Couples Ministry (MCM) was established in 1989 to strengthen the institution of marriage, promote fellowship within the church, share knowledge and information, and support families based on Christian principles. Today, MCM firmly continues its commitment to the growth and preservation of married couples. The ministry’s goals and principles are unwavering even when some media and communities question the sanctity of marriage. In an era when marriage is sometimes discouraged or avoided, we believe that it is still an honorable institution. Our ministry helps to nurture and strengthen marriage and family relations, as we continuously pray for the health and well-being of all.

MCM provides ongoing support to the many programs and projects of Metropolitan and the community. Some of MCM’s recent community outreach includes: the Sarah Allen Missionary Society’s Food Bank; Christ House in Adams Morgan; the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys; the Komen Race for the Cure; and other AME churches in the area. Recently, our meetings have included guest authors and speakers from the congregation and the community to discuss HIV/AIDS, preparation for retirement, hip-hop and go-go music, environmental change, technology, and politics in the Obama era.

We invite you to join us. Contact Carlos or Marsha Botts, Presidents, at